Finding the Best Ping Pong Table for 2018

Finding the Best Ping Pong Table for 2018

Ping Pong is back in vogue.

The game that once originated from Victorian Parlors is now witnessing a revival of sorts all around the world.


Naysayers may dismiss it as a voguish trend. But that’s far from it.

People love Ping Pong and its transformation from a sport to a leisure past time speaks volumes about its popularity. And it has a bunch of health benefits to boot.

For pong enthusiasts, this is just the right time to grab those paddles and find you the best ping pong table.  If you are a budding pong player smitten by the bounce, the speed and the spin, looking to get yourself your own ball playing turf at home, then you are in luck.

Today, we bring to you the best ping pong tables in the market. And that’s no mean feat folks. We had to wade through hundreds of gimcracks to bring you the best of the lot.

Big homes, small apartments, budget shoppers, the big wad spenders, clubs, schools, professionals, we have ping pong tables for everyone. So grab a bowl of popcorn, kick up your heels and enjoy this read.

Our Choice of Outdoor Ping Pong Tables 

Our Choice of Indoor Ping Pong Tables 

How We Picked the Best Ping Pong Table

Blame it on the new found popularity of the game, but there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from these days. Tables of varying sizes, brands and even shapes are vying for the limelight.  

But for a passionate ball player or even for someone who’s barely starting off in Ping Pong, it all boils down to a few variables that can be deal breakers.

  • 1
    The quality o​f the table (Construction, durability, undercarriage, playing surface)
  • 2
    The price tag
  • 3
    Portability and storage

How Do You Intend To Use the Table? 

There are a bunch of questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding on what table to buy.

Will it be used in a club? Will it be used in a home? Where will you store it?

How frequently will it be used? Will it be dismantled and stored after every use?

Do you have enough room to play ping pong?

The size of ping pong table is 9 feet in length, 5 feet in width and approximately 2.5 feet tall. It is highly recommended that you have at least 28 x 13 feet of playing area to be able to play comfortably without restricting on your movement. If you have less room, then you may need a smaller table.

The answers to these questions will help you narrow down on a table that best fits your requirements.

The Playing Surface

The playing surface determines the quality of game play. Depending on the type of table that you buy, it can be made of MDF, wood, plastic, fiberglass, concrete or particle board. Wood is the most expensive of the lot, but also offers the most consistent bounce. The thickness of the surface can vary from 0.5 inches to 1.2. The thicker the surface the better it plays.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Ping Pong Table

One of the most important things to consider while selecting the best ping pong table is to choose between an indoor table and an outdoor one. Table Tennis as a competitive sport is strictly played indoors. But there’s nothing like a bright and sunny day to enjoy a game of Ping Pong in the backyard. Is there?

Outdoor tables are quite popular among recreational players and families.

Having said that, there is a modicum of difference in the quality of game play in both these varieties of tables due to the difference in the materials used in the construction of the playing surface.

  • Indoor Ping Pong Table: Indoor tables are usually more compact and may provide a much better playing surface as compared to an outdoor one. The reason for this is the MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) that is typically used in the construction of the top. MDF provides an even bounce that stays consistent over the lifespan of the table. There are different types of indoor ping pong tables including ones that can be folded in halves like the Cornilleau 500M as well as pocket friendly ones like the EastPoint Sports Table. For space-crunched apartments, conversion tops can be a great choice, which can fit on any suitable surface converting it into a ping pong table. Indoor tables are susceptible to warping if exposed to moisture. So it is crucial that you store it in a cool and dark place.
  • Outdoor ping pong tables: Outdoor ping pong tables are constructed from weather resistant materials like aluminum composite and concrete to name a few. These will not rust or warp or crack even when stored in the sun or snow. Will probably last for years. This makes it an excellent choice for homes with patios or garages, backyards, clubs, schools and the likes. They are available in a variety of price brackets as well. Take our #1 pick, the STIGA XTR which is an entry level outdoor table that is excellent for recreational use. The top is only ¼ inch thick though which may result in an inconsistent bounce quality. If you are looking for professional-grade performance, then the Kettler Outdoor 10 with its 22mm thick top will be a much better choice.

The Undercarriage

The undercarriage of the ping pong table is an underrated aspect of the buying process. However, it affects storage, portability and in some cases, the durability of the table. Undercarriages can be made of wood or steel with the latter being the more durable choice. However, these days it is not uncommon to find tables with wooden legs encapsulated with aluminum or another metal. For example, the Killerspin Revolution. Tables with a ‘rollaway’ carriage are easier to move around and ideal for clubs.

These have a trundle system with lockable caster wheels. Some tables like the JOOLA Nova DX have two interlocking halves which can be separated and used as standalone tables. This helps immensely for solo practice sessions. If one of the players is a wheelchair user, then you’d want the legs of the table to be positioned near the center so that they can sit comfortably.

Now that you have a fair idea of the factors to consider before making a choice, let’s take a closer look at our top 10 ping pong tables in the market. To make things easier, we have divided the list into five indoor tables and five outdoor ones.

The Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

As we mentioned earlier, an outside ping pong table is quite popular among families and households with the storage space to boot. Here are our picks of the lot in varying price points.

The XTR is one of the most popular outdoor ping pong tables in the market and for good reason at that. It is priced under $500 and is #1 rated table in its category on Amazon and many other online retailers.

Most importantly, it has a staggering customer rating among both recreational users as well as professional players.

Sturdy construction

The XTR boasts of a weather-resistant composite aluminum playing surface that is approximately ¼ inches thick. The top is flanked by a 1.5 inch apron of tubular steel that strengthens the frame. The result is a sturdy playing surface with even bounce. It is completely weather resistant and does not warp, crack or rust when stored outdoors. The weather-resistant net is 72 inches in length and features a string tension adjustment system allowing you to adjust the settings on-the-fly.


The STIGA XTR features a unique design wherein each half of the table has its own set of caster beams that allow you to separate them for storage. Not to mention that it doubles up as multiuse tables. The 1.25 inch steel legs with rubber levelers help to keep it level on uneven surfaces. Moving it from your patio to your garage couldn’t be easier as the XTR features 3” lockable ball-bearing wheels.

Easy assembly and storage

The XTR may be a great choice for someone who hates spending time assembling a ping pong table. It comes 95% preassembled and STIGA claims that you can set it up in less than 10 minutes. When you are done with your game of Ping Pong, fold up the table from one end and the legs will automatically deploy into the storage position. With both halves folded up, the table becomes extremely compact fitting in snugly to a corner of your garage.


Best features

  1. Great pricing
  2. Sturdy construction
  3. ¼ inch aluminum composite playing surface
  4. Folds for easy sto​rage

Everything about the Joola Nova DX is tailored for the outdoors. It is weather resistant, has a two piece design for easy storage and it rests on an extremely sturdy powder-coated undercarriage. The playing surface provides good bounce and it comes preassembled for easy setup.

At this price point, it is as feature rich as they come.

Configurable Positions

With a foldable design, the Nova DX can be used for solo practice in the absence of a partner. The lightweight construction ensures that anybody can easily configure the table without the need for an additional set of hands. For gatherings or parties, the interlocking table halves can be separated and used. When not in use, the halves can be folded and nested making it compact and easy to store. An automatic anti-tilt locking mechanism prevents the tables from accidentally unfolding during transport.

Sturdy and Portable

Steel caster beams keep the table rock steady in the outdoors even on a windy day. During storage, the heavy-duty caster wheels make it possible to glide over all types of terrain. While built-in levelers allow you to level the table even if the surface is bumpy.

Easy assembly

The Joola Nova DX is designed for assembly in minutes. All that you need to do is attach the ‘T’ sections with the caster wheels to set it up. The two halves can then be connected with the weather resistant net that features an easy tension adjustment system.


Best features

  1. Sturdy weather resistant construction
  2. Two-halves that can be used as standalone tables
  3. Configurable positions for practice
  4. Caster wheels for portability
  5. Easy assembly

The Harvil Outsider is a weatherproof ping pong table with an aluminum playing surface and steel frame construction. It is light weight, offers decent bounce and folds up for storage. The package includes a bunch of extra accessories. At the price point, it provides excellent value for every dollar you spend on it.

Folding Design

The Harvil Outsider has a twin folding design that is perfect for solo practice sessions. One half of the table can be folded and locked into the playback position easily. For regular game play, the full sized table offers excellent stability. The aluminum playing surface is not the thickest that you can get. But the bounce is pretty decent. More importantly, it does not warp or crack. Also, the protective coating on the surface makes it easy to clean dust or debris in the outdoors.

The Accessory bundle

As if the price tag wasn’t attractive enough already, Harvil throws in a neat bunch of extras. You get 4 table tennis paddles, 8 one star balls, a storage pack for these and a protective cover for the table with the package. The protective cover prolongs the lifespan of the table and keeps it in scratch and dent free.  

Replacement Warranty

Being a family owned business in the USA, Harvil prides on its products and offers a complete replacement warranty on its ping pong table if there are any defects or damage to the product. In the rare event that you are unsatisfied with the table for some reason, you can get a complete refund. Additionally, there’s a 1 year warranty for repair or replacement of damaged parts. Harvil also offers an in-house assembly service for the ones who hate to grease their elbows. That’s a paid service though.


Best features

  1. Weather resistant, light weight design
  2. Folds upright for storage
  3. Replacement warranty
  4. Free accessory bundle

Kettler is one of the best ping pong table brands in the business and the Outdoor 10 is one of their premium offerings. This is a professional-grade table with a laundry list of amazing features. For starters, it has a 22mm thick playing surface with Kettler’s proprietary Alu-Tec technology. As a result, the bounce and consistency rivals tournament-grade tables. To top it off, this portable aluminum ping pong table can be folded for solo playback or used as a regulation sized table.

German Engineering

The Kettler Outdoor 10 is manufactured in Germany in a fully automated facility. The tubing is coated with an electrotherm UV resistant powder coating that does not chip or fade when stored outdoors. The Alu-Tec playing surface consists of a resin board encapsulated in an aluminum sheet. The result is a durable playing surface that offers the bounce of wood clubbed with the imperviousness of aluminum. What’s more important, is that unlike a cheap outdoor table tennis table, the bounce does not waver with time or exposure to weather.

Intuitive features

The Kettler Outdoor 10 has a bunch of intuitive features that make life easier for you. There’s a single-hand locking mechanism positioned perfectly on the underside of the table for easy access. One press of the locking mechanism allows you to fold the table in half or for storage. Each table half has an integrated ball box that collects stray balls. This can be lifted off the ball dispenser to block any wayward shots. Soft touch edge protectors on the corners protect the players from bumps. These are also useful in protecting the top while transporting the table.

If you seek professional-quality bounce and durability in your ping pong table, then the Outdoor 10 might be a good choice. It is a tad pricier as compared to the other options in this list. But the quality makes it completely worth the extra buck.


Best features

  1. Excellent design with a sleek finish
  2. UV resistant powder coated steel frame
  3. 22mm Alu-Tec Alumnium top board
  4. True Bounce for tournament quality game play
  5. Vigorously tested for outdoor use

Our final pick of the best outdoor ping pong tables is the Killerspin Revolution. This one is a stunner. It features a sleek and almost futuristic-looking design with an arched frame in place of mundane-looking metal beams. Inspired from Roman architecture, the arches provide the table with unmatched stability. Not to mention that it also draws eyeballs.

If you were looking for the best ping pong table for yourself, then this one may be one of the best choices that you have.

22mm MDF Playing surface

The Revolution features a 0.86 inch thick MDF playing surface which offers excellent bounce consistently. Further, the board is coated with Killerspin’s Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) that blends 16 layers of protective coating. The top remains impervious to ball marks and the coating helps reduce glare even while playing indoors under lights. The table has a heavy-duty galvanized steel fame while the arches are coated with a protective aluminum panel.

Set up in seconds

At first glance, the Killerspin revolution looks like a sophisticated unit that might be extremely difficult to self-assemble. On the contrary, it has one of the simplest assembly systems with a bolt lock mechanism that will save time and effort otherwise spent fiddling with tools. The only caveat is that you’d need an extra pair of hands or two due to the extra weight of the steel frame construction.

While this is not an outdoor table per se, the metal frame maybe stored outdoors provided you protect the top surface with the protective cover.

The only possible nits that we could pick with the Killerspin revolution is that it cannot be folded into the playback position or for storage. It is a full-sized table that will take at least 10 feet x 6 feet of storage space.


Best features

  1. 22 mm MDF top
  2. 16 layers of protective coating on the playing surface
  3. Anti-glare and mark resistant top
  4. Stunning design with an arched base
  5. Heavy-duty steel frame
  6. Protective aluminum covering
  7. Easy assembly

The Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables

Come indoors and the number of good quality ping pong tables almost quadruples making it an extremely difficult task to pick just five of them. Nevertheless, we have managed to narrow down on the crème de la crème of the lot.

With a 19mm MDF top, this USATT approved ping pong table set from Joola offers tourney-grade performance at an entry-level price. Club that with a sleek frame and a foldable design and you have a table that is ideal for small to medium sized homes or apartments.

The 1800 is the mid-range model from Joola’s tour range of ping pong tables and it is one of the top contenders for the best ping pong table in this list.

Extremely sturdy with a multilayer coated top

The matt-blue MDF top on the Joola Tour 1800 features multiple layers of protective coating that deters ball marks and scratches. The coating also makes the Tour 1800 immensely easy to clean. It has a 40mm powder coated steel frame undercarriage. Automatic folding legs with 3 inch wide lockable wheels make it a breeze to push the table to another room if need be. Another neat addition to the feature list is the double anti-tilting feature which prevents the halves from accidentally tipping over if excessive pressure is applied on the edges. If you have children playing at home, then it is recommended that you keep the anti-tilt mechanism activated.

Height adjustable

The Tour 1800 features height adjustable levelers that may be useful on uneven surfaces as well as for children looking to reduce the overall height of the table. When not in use, the individual halves with their own trundle systems can be used as storage tables provided you use a protective covering on the top.


Best features

  1. USATT approved table for clubs, schools
  2. 18mm MDF top for even bounce
  3. Budget pricing
  4. 40mm powder coated steel frame
  5. 40x40mm undercarriage
  6. Foldable design
  7. Height adjustable levelers
  8. Anti-tilt system

A crossover ping pong table that can be used both indoors and outdoors is a rare proposition. Cornilleau, the French manufacturer is one of the only ping pong table brands that offer one.

The model on offer is the uniquely designed Cornilleau 500M from their sports outdoor range that has a 7mm thick resin laminate top with a MATTOP weather resistant coating. Despite having a metal frame, it is surprisingly lightweight allowing hassle free portability from outdoors to indoors.

Designed for the outdoors

The Cornilleau 500M is perfect for outdoor use. It has oversized double wheels that are 200mm in diameter. The extra size accounts for excellent ground clearance even on the bumpiest of surfaces. Also, the unique design of the wheels provides better maneuverability. Flanking the wheels are two intuitively positioned crossing handles that can be used to lift the table up to avoid any obstacles during transport. Once outside, the arched legs with the steel inserts provide solid ground support.

Tuck it away indoors

If you intend to use the 500M indoors, then you’ll appreciate features like the auto-retracting net which allows the two halves of the table to nest together closely. The result is an incredibly compact frame with its own trundle system that can be rolled into any corner of the house. Corner protection pads ensure safety for children while an integrated hidden storage compartment can be used to store up to 4 bats and 8 balls.


Best features

  1. Stylish design
  2. Steel frame with arched legs
  3. Trundle system with large oversized wheels
  4. In built storage system for bats and balls
  5. Weather resistant laminate top with MATTOP coating
  6. Lightweight for easy portability

Our #3 pick is the newly revamped MyT4 from Killerspin. This widely popular ping pong table was recently launched with a sleek new look in blue and black, a thicker steel frame and a set of add-on features that save time and effort during game play.  

The best part is that the price tag remains unchanged. Well, we can’t get enough of it.

15mm MDF Top

For a table at this price point, the Killerspin MyT4 with its 15mm MDF top offers great value. The bounce is true and remains consistent. The RRC multicoated top deters scratches and dents and most importantly, does not warp with time, a complaint that is commonly associated with cheaper ping pong tables. We love the thicker frame and the stability that it brings. Surprisingly, there is very little change in the weight of the table when assembled. Storage and moving it is as easy as it always was.

The new features

At the forefront of the newer additions are a new ball pocket and a paddle pocket sleekly concealed into the frame. The ball pocket stores up to 8 balls at a time keeping you ready for the next serve while the paddle pocket protects the paddles from dust and scratches. Overall the practicality of the new design allows the Killerspin MyT4 to outperform may other higher priced brands and models.


Best features

  1. New thicker frame
  2. 15mm MDF top with RRC multicoating
  3. Excellent bounce
  4. Ball and Paddle storage in the frame
  5. Lightweight and folds for storage

Families looking for a budget priced ping pong table that does not compromise on game quality will love our #4 pick. This is the Viper Arlington Indoor table that is priced below $500. It has a 16mm MDF top in a stunning black and red combo, a sturdy 1.25 steel frame and interlocking halves with separate caster wheel sets.

Move it around the house when needed or fold it in half into the playback position for practice.

Attractive design

The black table tennis table with the red trims looks stunning. It can easily double up as a conversation piece or the focal point in your room décor. One possible drawback of the black surface is that it is prone to smudges and fingerprints requiring an occasional wipe down. But that’s hardly a deal breaker. Coming to the quality, the MDF top provides good bounce. It cannot rival commercial-grade tables of course but is perfectly fine for recreational or home use.

Easy to assemble

The Viper Arlington comes mostly preassembled. A couple of wrenches is all that it takes to set the table up. Be warned though that the package can weigh as much as 250 pounds and you will need assistance to assemble the table. Another possible design flaw is the clamp-on net that also holds the two halves of the table together. The tables can move if you accidentally bump on the side. A better interlocking system would have placed the Arlington right in the league of some of the big brands.


Best features

  1. Attractive black and red surface
  2. 16mm MDF top
  3. 1.25” steel frame with square legs
  4. 2” caster wheels for portability
  5. Folds into playback position

Last but not the least we have the EastPoint Sports Ping pong table. This one is a very worthy contender for the best ping pong table under $300. It has a 2-piece design suited for home use, an 18mm MDF top that is a rarity at this price point and an integrated storage system for paddles and balls.

A sturdy stainless steel frame and 2-inch caster wheels complete what is a value for money package.

Excellent playing surface

The Eastpoint Sports Table has a completely laminated MDF top that provides consistent bounce throughout. The lamination also helps prevent warping due to moisture exposure. The lamination clubbed with the 1.375in rust-resistant powder coated steel frame allows for occasional outdoor usage provided you can store it indoors after use. Transporting the table indoors is a breeze thanks to the 2” roller wheels and the folding design.  

Paddle storage system

The EastPoint Sports table has an on-center paddle storage system which can hold up to 4 paddles and 6 balls. This keeps the rubber on the paddle well protected and prevents the balls from being misplaced around home, which is a possibility, especially if you have kids. The molded corners and aprons prevent injuries during play.

Overall, this is an unbeatable package at any price point.


Best features

  1. Fully laminated 18mm MDF top
  2. 1.375 inch rust-resistant powder coated steel frame
  3. 2” roller wheels
  4. Twin folding design
  5. On-center net and paddle storage system
  6. Molded corners and aprons


The best ping pong table is a subjective decision. For this reason, we have tried to create a diverse list of good ping pong tables that caters to a variety of situations, price points and players.

For indoor use in homes, we feel that the Killerspin MyT4 and the Joola Tour 1800 are excellent choices. They are compact, easy to store and provide excellent bounce.

If you are strapped for cash, then you could consider the EastPoint Sports Table Tennis Table.

Our pick of the lot for the outdoors is the KETTLER Outdoor 10. The 22mm Alu-Tec Alumnium top board provides unbeatable performance and durability.

And for the aesthetically inclined shopper, there’s hardly a better choice than the Killerspin revolution with its arched frame design.

We hope that this helps you find the best ping pong table. If you have your personal favorite to add to this list, feel free to contact us. Until next time, adios!